Berkley Cutter 11cm 16g Berkley Cutter 11cm 16g


Berkley Cutter 11cm 16g

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Berkley® paired its world-class bait design engineers with a team of pro-anglers which includes hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts, to simply create dream baits. These hard baits capture the essence and action of artfully handcrafted wooden baits with exactness and durability delivered in a synthetic bait. The balanced designs throw straight and far and are consistently ready to run right out of the package without tuning.

* Suspending jerkbait with long-distance castability
* Thinner profile for a more subtle presentation
* Versatile — twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn and standard retrieves
* Coffin shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement
* Shallow pitched bill for targeting fish higher in the water column

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