Illex Dexter Jerk 70

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At last here is the new small brother in the Dexter family! A bait you can switch to when you need a more delicate approach to your jerk fishing. This 70 version is a real versatile lure and can be used anywhere as its size and shape imitates a wide spectrum of prey fish. Fishability is a key feature as the Dexter jerk 70 is easy to fish even for beginners. Vary your retrieves with slow pulls, pauses and jerks or even fished walking the dog style. You will quickly work out which way the fish want it on any given day. The lure is dense and sinks quickly allowing you work through the various layers of the water column rapidly.

Action Sliding & Walking the Dog
Model Sinking
Weight (g) 16.5
Depth 0.10-0.60m
Size (mm) 70

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