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The Runner Blade is a new type of metal vibration lure that has a complex yet subtle swimming attitude that rivals with the best minnow plugs. This long blade bait has a casting distance exceeding 60 m, which is a major asset when you want to keep some distance from the fish and for quickly prospecting extensive areas. The slender profile is radically different from classic blade baits and emits strong vibrations without pulling excessively on the rod (Low-Stress Concept)

The Runner Blade is outstanding with a simple fast and straight retrieve using the forward eye (swimming depth from 3 m to 5 m), or with a slower stop-and-go retrieve using the rear eye (swimming depth from 5 m to 10 m). Great for all kind of vertical fishing as well. This is a must-have lure for power fishing that can be used in any weather conditions. Great as a change lure with soft baits, the Runner Blade will trigger adrenalin-pumping savage reaction strikes!

Längd: 116mm
Vikt: 31gr

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