Fox Rage Tub jigg, Silver Pearl 21g Fox Rage Tub jigg, Silver Pearl 21g


Fox Rage Tub jigg, Silver Pearl 21g

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Tub Jig
Dessa gummi beten bokstavligen flyger genom vattnet och varje gång betet når botten gör de ett ihåligt ljud och lurviga fransar i slutet av betet blåser upp attraktivt sandiga moln.
Tube Jigs är de så kallade hemliga vapnet 'i aktivt handredskapsfiske och kan Jiggas, trollas, spinn-fiskas eller fiskas vertikalt.

The main advantages of Tubes are:

1. Due to their action bites are often brutal because the predator aims and hits hard, missed takes are rare.

2. The sinking phase is like a gliding flight by which the predator gets more time to detect and target the bait.

3. Because of the wide and soft nose of the jig head snagging is reduced and stuck baits can be retrieved far more easily.

4. The length of the Cone Jig hook means the point comes out directly between the fringes: fish losses are extremely reduced and a stinger is not needed.

By removing the Cone Jig it is also possible to fish the Tube in combination with a standard jig head or twitch it with an additional offset-hook through weed in the same way you would a soft-jerk.

Available in three weight classes and three colours: ‘gold glitter', ‘black' and ‘brown chartreuse'. The weight is the jig head weight inside the Tube

Färg: Silver Pearl

Krok stl: 5/0

Vikt: 21g

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