Gunki Jungle Jigg

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Shad destined to become the perfect prospection lure! Designed for cast and retrieve cranking the streamlined body gives a tight rolling action which is particularly attractive when coupled with the pulses from the large tail. During descents or pauses the tail continues to vibrate and the flanks of the lure flash and sparkle constantly. Try a G’TEX head to get the perfect all-round prospecting lure. This lets you explore new areas without fear of snagging up. The shape is designed for Texan hooks and the small channel under the head keeps the hook located in the middle of the lure thus keeping the rig well balanced. The slits along the stomach and dorsal of the lure liberate the hook under pressure from a fishes jaw. Comes in a selection of 8 colours with our “colour tail” design that offers different horizontal and vertical contrasts. Aniseed flavour.

Längd 10cm
Antal per paket:4
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