ILLEX NITRO SHAD 120 JIGG Illex Nitro Shad 120 Jigg


Illex Nitro Shad 120 Jigg

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Illex Nitro Shad 120

This latest Nitro Shad is sure to become every bit as popular as the rest of the range! Developed for bass fishing, this realistic looking lure perfectly resembles a small prey fish. The small body size and supple viscosity make the Nitro Squad 90 perfect for working up in the water. We recommend that you use our leaded Nitro Squad heads between 21 and 40 g coupled with an Ashura Element Rider S 210M Stalking Special rod and fish the Nitro Shad 120 using either light traction or linear retrieves. This little shad with its pronounced rolling action is also deadly for perch and zander. The lure is flavoured with our famous Nitro Booster. Do not hesitate to add some Nitro Booster cream to the lure for that extra fish attracting edge!

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