Lucky John 3D Makora Shad Tail Jigg

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The Makora 3D Live line of so plastics o er the serious predator an- gler the very best in appearance, action, and versatility. The Makora 3D design projects an attention getting and lifelike appearance that eager predators will be attracted to from afar. Like all Lucky John plastics, the Makora 3D is also enhanced by the proprietary Lucky John scent retention and dispersal system, adding a natural scent that brings predator sh in and keeps them on the hook. O ered in both a shad tail con guration for realistic swimbait presentations, as well as a split tail con guration to resemble a wounded bait sh in situations that call for a jerk-bait style presentation, the Makora 3D comes in 7 lifelike color schemes and 4 di erent sizes that allow the angler to exactly tailor the bait sh presentation needed to reel in predators, such as black bass, walleyed pike, lake trout, and northern pike. The Makora 3D is the prod- uct of the nest Japanese production technology, made of high quality PVC so plastic material with an unbelievably lifelike nish more o en seen on high end hardbaits.

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