Shimano Aldebaran MGL 51

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The new 2018 Shimano Aldebaran MGL 30 is an insanely lightweight low profile baitcasting reel. With a weight of only 135 grams this is one of the lightest baitcasting reels in the world.

Thanks to a 9+1 bearing system, X-SHIP and aluminum gears, all parts of the Aldebaran run very smoothly. Also the Aldebaran has a new MGL spool, which is lighter than in the previous 50 sized models, which results in a very low start-up inertia, making it possible to cast even lighter lures at a proper distance.

Taking this all into account the Aldebaran MGL would be the optimal reel for baits from 5 grams and heavier, being capable to handle zander and perch with its 4,5 kg drag.

Made in Japan.

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Aldebaran MGL 51 6,5:1

Aldebaran MGL 51 HG 7,4:1