Illex Pepper X5 S 198 UL Micro Jig Special

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The PEPPER S 198 UL Micro Jig Special has been designed specifically for use with mini jigs and light jig heads. The blank is very fast and sensitive – perfect for all power finesse styles like light drop shot, Neko rig, light split shot rigs or wacky rigs.

The blank is great for small minnow plug fishing. An extremely sensitive solid tip lets you read the nature of the bottom perfectly and detect the slightest tap from a chasing fish. Built on new X5 ultra high quality carbon blanks featuring a special pre-preg carbon where the fibres are oriented along three different angles.

The result is an increase in power and resonance and a reduction in weight! Finished with ultra-light Fuji Torzite Titanium “K” rings that eliminate the risk of tangles whilst maximising casting distances. Supplied in a signature rod bag and a protective Cordura tube.

Längd: 198 cm
Kastvikt: 0.4-5 gram
Vikt: 100 gram
Delar: 1+1 (delad vid handtaget)

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