Illex The Artist X5 B 200 Mh Marksman

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THE ARTIST B 200 MH MARKSMAN is perfect for intensive fishing with crankbaits, chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. The rod is perfectly balanced for plug fishing with lures like Magsquad and Rerange. The blank soaks up powerful vibrations from these lures whilst having the power needed to firmly strike bites and get hooked fish away from snags. The rod will also handle power fishing with soft lures. The rod is the perfect tool for bass, pike and zander anglers. Built on a new X5 ultra high quality carbon blank featuring a special pre-preg carbon where the fibres are oriented along three different angles. The result is an increase in power and resonance and a reduction in weight! Finished with ultra-light Fuji Torzite Titanium “K” rings that eliminate the risk of tangles whilst maximising casting distances. Supplied in a signature rod bag and a protective Cordura tube.

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