Megabass Evoluzion Legend Works 30th Anniversary Megabass Evoluzion Legend Works 30th Anniversary Megabass Evoluzion Legend Works 30th Anniversary


Megabass Evoluzion Legend Works 30th Anniversary

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Firmly tighten stiffness. Enter the next generation of titanium.

Needless to say, titanium, which is one of the lightest metals with shape memory properties, is surprisingly light and strong. It's a wonderful metal with pliant elasticity and quick resilience.

However, it is a story only in the metal material world. Carbon fiber is lighter than any metal. Regardless of how lighter titanium is in the world of metals, the weight of the carbon fiber is still as indicated by its specific gravity, the shaft made of all carbon can not produce the rigidity and proof stress as much as that of titanium.

Finally, the time when the titanium fiber composite rod was unveiled to the world for the first time was overwhelmingly lighter than the all-graphite rod of the same power. The tensile rupture strength of titanium is toughness exceeding carbon overwhelmingly. The spring elasticity which the taste is far more effective than the low elasticity carbon is a viscous feel that can only be released in titanium after 18 years.

Easy to throw, lures swim actively and even shallow bytes ride easy. Even the spring back (vibration of turning back) after full cast which tends to be in the dull carbon rod does not occur because the vibration convergence is fast. In short, all of these can only appear on "titanium" of metallic material. It is a unique advantage.

Flexible ability to respond from lightweight lure to over speckle lure can be said to be "high adjusterability" for diverse situations no longer beyond versatility.


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