Illex Neko Flick 4,8" Jigg Illex Neko Flick 4,8" Jigg


Illex Neko Flick 4,8" Jigg

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The NEKO FLICK SHAKE takes is inspired by our legendary FLICK SHSAKE lure and tweaked to suit Neko rigs but is versatile enough to be fished on other rigs like split shot, Texas or jig heads. The thicker head section helps to hide a Nail Sinker or dedicated Neko insert lead. The central ring will take your hook and the tail section keeps its natural curve when dropping through the water or when twitched back. Salt has been added to the rubber to give it the perfect density and the lure is impregnated to the core with our Super Prawn Formula attractant.

längd: 12cm
Vikt: 4g
Antal: 8st/pack

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