Illex Tn Slim 8 Viblure

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Illex Tn Slim 8

Längd: 8 cm
Vikt: 12 g
Simdjup: 2 m +

This model of the TN has a more slender and discrete silhouette. Sure to be a big hit with classic TN fans. The body shape casts well and its appeal is universal attracting freshwater and sea predators. The lure benefits from our ingenious loading system around the lips, the Out Metal System that has several advantages. Firstly you can read the bottom more directly, secondly the lure sits very naturally in a flow and finally the loading acts like a plug lip allowing the lure to roll over snags without getting the hooks caught and get back into position quickly. Three small tungsten bearings in the stomach cavity give off deep vibrations. A Hyper-8 is fitted to the tail of the lure and gives you the option to add a blade to slow the descent speed and increase its visual attractiveness. This is particularly useful on big lakes. Worked back on straight retrieves or faster power fishing style to cover deeper open water sections quickly. Try giving saw teeth type twitches of varying strengths.
For vertical fishing try working the lure like a small softball with simple pulls and vary the timings of your pulls and pauses.

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