Mag Spigg

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Spigg has a very special shape and therefore a very special way to move. Spigg's patented design gives super erratic and strike-triggering action either cranked, twitched, jerked or trolled, at low speed as well when fished at high speed.

The wide-to-thin shaped contour of Spigg gives an impact that a pen-shaped lure never will create!

AWD, Asymmetric weight distribution, allows both erratic lateral movement, vibrations and sound from the large internal rattle-chamber. Together with the anti-tangle mounted top quality hooks it enables precise, top casting performance. Spigg does not tumble in the air, it flies like a bullet!
Hand painted durable finish, on a high quality hard plastic construction built around stainless hardware, makes Spigg a lure to depend on.


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