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Illex Nitro Shad 180-1


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Softlure Nitro Shad 180mm of ILLEX - Pack of 1

Nitro Shad is a standard Softlure “Shad" for the fishing of the bar in traction, it is already at the origin of many victories on Labrax Cup. Declined two sizes and six colors all especially selected for this technique. Nitro Shad is also indicated and able to bribe pike perch and pike into linear or with the vertical. Developed in collaboration by Yvon Covered and our firm, it is aromatized containing our attractant crustacean “Nitro Booster". Of very realistic form and aspect, it is assembled on a Jig head exclusively adapted to its form “Nitro Shad Head". The matter used and forms it of its body confer a sensational resonance, one felt single and strong vibrations to him. Do not hesitate to use attractant it Nitro Booster in cream to make it still more effective.

- Model: sinking
- Length: 180mm
- Weight: 39.5g
- Pack of 1

Illex Nitro Shad är en riktig killer för gäddfiske.
Med denna jigg plockade Tyska Illex teamet hem världmästartiteln för gäddfiske från båt 2014!

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