Lucky John Rock Craw 2"

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Längd: 5 cm
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Rock Craw is a lure imitating a crayfish. This lure is active as distinct from
other passive lures of this type. The Rock Craw lure is very universal: it
can be used on the head of jig during the fishing with slow retrieving. It
efficiently provokes a predator fishing on split shot or Carolina rig. The
movable legs and tails of the lure create swings attracting predatory fish
during casting. Soft „scented” material treated with a crayfish attractant
will catch fancy of fish looking for haul mostly with its sense of smell, as
for example a catfish does. This lure also will not leave big perches unfazed,
because, as it is known, they are great eaters of crayfish meat.

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