Westin Platypus Tail Westin Platypus Tail


Westin Platypus Tail

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This Westin Platypus hybrid lure includes two different tails and several options to adapt to the conditions when the biggest predators are playing hard to get. The flaptail has the famed rolling action known from the Platypus hard lures but with an extra kick of the soft tail. Due to the soft tail texture the underwater vibrations created by the lure appears more natural to predators and will make a great difference when targeting big fish in waters seeing a lot of fishing pressure.

The curltail will make the lure act more as a traditional tailbait. When using the front eyelet the Westin TeezTail will have a strait swimming pattern with almost no side to side movement but a lot of tail action. Using the back eyelet will add to the running depth and result in a slight side to side action. Both choices can be deadly in a lot of situations including winter days and water temperatures close to freezing.

Lead free construction
Hook size: #1/0
Japanese style carbon steel hooks
Running depth: 0.5-3m
Ultra Sonic rattle ball
Slide Lock easy to change connection
Two tails included - flaptail and curltail * Interior curltail rattle chamber
Optic Eyes
Full eyelet-to-hook wire construction

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