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a.j Cheetah + Seatrout


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Riktigt trevlig flugfiske combo från A.Jensen läs mer om detaljerna nedan:

The very well balanced Cheetah rods are a perfect rod for the fisherman that is in demand of delicate yet tuff “fishing tool”.

The action is fast which gives you a tremendous line speed. We have added extra power lower in the blank which will easily produce the power needed for the extra long casting often needed in especially coastal saltwater fishing.

We have designed the Cheetah rods using Advanced Helical Taper, which assures the rod is a great fishing tool, not only as “stiff” casting tool. It is a joy to fish, cast and play fish on.

The Cheetah series of rods is very versatile.

The 3 different 9’ rods are just tailor made for Scandinavian style seatrout fishing, Light tackle surf fishing and bank fishing in reservoirs and lakes where long casting could be needed.

The 9’6” is just so light and powerful, that it is bound to be a favourite among reservoir, river and coastal fishermen.

The 10’ and 11’ rods are unique. The 10’ was originally made for the reservoir fisherman that needs that extra length to control the flies. We have added a unique extendable fighting butt to be pulled out when the fish is on. That gets the reel away from the body (great when sitting in a boat!!) and gives you more leverage when needed.

During the test period the same rod was used in fishing for seatrout in Danish rivers, and the extendable fighting butt transformed the single handed rod into a Switch rod. A great feature,, and the test guys immediately called for an 11’ version for that exact type of fishing – seatrout and salmon in smaller we did an 11’ also.

The blank is beautiful deep blue with silver trimmings. Oversized quality guides from American Tackles, including their superb Titanium Stripping guide.

Cork is Topline 4 AAAA grade Portuguese cork.

On all rods except the 10’ and the 11’ we use an up-locking reel seat, where you turn the entire fighting butt.


45 Tons graphite
SBD (Slim Blank Design)
Advanced Helical Taper technology
Extra woven carbon layer on bottom part for extra butt power
Top quality 4 AAAA Portuguese cork handles
American Tackle Company Titanium Stripping guides
Saltwater resistant reel seat
Up-locking Fighting butt
Unique Extendable fighting butt on 10’ and 11’ models
Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides
Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
Supplied in Cordura rod tube

Length AFTM Rec. Shooting head weight Pcs. Weight Handle

9’ 6 14 g. 4 g Full Wells + Fighting Butt

9’ 7 16 g. 4 g Full Wells + Fighting Butt

9’ 8 18 g. 4 g Full Wells + Fighting Butt


Our new Target reel, is made to meet the demands of today’s fly fishers. We wanted to make a light and tuff reel with a full frame design, fully closed brake and in a modern and functional design.

The outcome was the Target reel.

The reel is CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminium. The sheer strength of this pretty expensive material ensures high stability, which is one of the most important issues, especially when you at the same time make a light reel. We have even made an extra strong house with a closed full frame design to make the base of the reel as stable and strong as possible. Not something that cuts weight, but sure adds to strength and stability. The full framed house also ensures the line will not get tangled between the house and spool – something all users of shooting heads will appreciate!!

The brake is a fully closed and sealed multi carbon disc system. Inside the brake you find higher pressure than outside (you get that when you close the house wherein the brake lies). This ensures that nothing will enter the brake, no dirt, no water, no sand etc, as it simply can't moove against the pressure gradient. This feature combined with the materials used for the entire reel, makes it a perfect choice also in salt and brackish water.

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