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A true high-quality ready-to-go set. New GT100 rod is a four piece medium fast rod with a graphite colored non-sanded blank. It has a black aluminum reel seat and a half wells handle. The reel is the popular and proven black GT reel. The line in the outfit is a new floating Vibe 100. It has a 10 meter blue colored head and a white running line. Being a part of the Vibe family which is famous for being almost ridiculously easy to cast, it has the same great features as the other members, including durability and slickness due to the integrated silicon particles, easy-to-cast, very little memory, loop at the tip of the line and many other great features. Add a decent amount of 20lb backing and a tapered 9' leader and you have a set which is second to none. It is packed into an easy-to-use protective cordura tube with a new type of reel pouch.

- Medium fast four piece GT100 rod
- Reliable black GT56 reel on #5 & GT67 on #6
- Season 2015 novelty two tone Vibe100 floating line with
a 10 m head and plenty of 20lb backing and a tapered 9'
leader. All pre spooled.
- Comes with a protective Cordura tube with a
new type of a reel pouch.

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