Gulff Fatman 15ml Clear

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GULFF UV resin är en ny produkt från Finland som fått mycket uppmärksamhet. Klibbfritt uv resin i olika färger och i olika viskositeter.

CLASSIC för nymfkroppar mm.
FATMAN BUILDER om du vill bygga skallar, kroppar mm.
NATURAL NYMPH GREEN i färgen grön, för nymfer
NATURAL NYMPH BROWN i färgen brun, för nymfer
PINK ATTACK för huggpunkter, eller överallt där du vill ha något högvisuellt
RED ALERT för maskar eller huggpunkter
BLACK MAGIC för skallar, kroppar mm.
SHRIMP för räkflugor
GLOWING GREEN lyser i mörkret
Flex Clear ger en gummiaktig flexande yta när det härdat. Suveränt till baitfish imitationer.


The resin should be cured by taking a UV flashlight and holding it at a distance of 1-2 cm from the surface of the resin, evenly directing the light towards each side of this surface. With a powerful light, colourless GULFF UV resins will cure in a matter of seconds. We recommend using the GULFF UV flashlight. After curing, allow the surface of the resin to cool for about 5 seconds, without touching it. If the resin surface has been cured properly, it will be either shiny or matte, depending on the choice of resin, but it will always be free of stickiness. However, if the surface of the resin remains sticky for a long period of time after being exposed to the light, ensure that the flashlight’s batteries are at full power, that the flashlight was at a distance of about 1 cm from the resin, and that the fly does not contain any oily materials. Note that coloured resins take longer to cure than clear ones. Also, remember to change / charge your flashlight’s batteries appropriately often: even a small decrease in battery power will reduce the effectiveness of curing.


Vår Pro UV Lazer torch fungerar utmärkt på dessa uv resiner.

Experts recommend always using a powerful UV flashlight (e.g. 365nm/3w). Keep in mind that the inexpensive, general-purpose 395-405nm UV flashlights available on the market are not the best possible options for UV resins. Inexpensive UV flashlights are often low-wattage and of variable quality. The quality differences are due to the fact that no standard model of UV light source is used in them, the advertised wattages are maximum values, and the light-guidance mechanisms they have may not be suitable to the purpose. Note that not all UV flashlights are appropriate for fly-tying. UV flashlights that are specifically meant for fly tying have special light-guidance mechanisms, as they are designed to be brought close to the target object. By choosing the GULFF UV flashlight, you can be sure you are using a flashlight meant for fly tying.


Take note of safety related issues mentioned on the packaging. GULFF resin is very quick-drying resin, and can cause harm if used improperly. There is a very high risk of harm if the resin gets onto the skin and UV light hits the surface of skin that has been smeared with the resin. A burn may form on the skin, or the glue may become stuck to the skin. When handling the resin and UV light, protect the eyes and avoid skin contact. The chemicals should always be used in a well-ventilated space. The resin must absolutely be kept out of the reach of children. Note that the resin cures under sunlight as well. UV resins heat up when exposed to light.

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