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Vision Tane Håv

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Vision Tane håv, välj mellan vanligt nät eller gummi nät.

A great looking duo of landing nets especially for wading fishermen. These fly fishing landing nets are handsomely crafted from start to finish. The beautiful wooden chassis is finished with durable varnish and the handle has a rotating brass eyelet for the safety cord. The bigger Tane net (V9056) has deep soft catch-and-release net bag, good for bagging bigger fish, whereas the smaller Tane rubber net (V9057) has rubberized catch-and-release net bag with kind of a flat bottom, especially suitable for medium-size fish and for taking photos.

V9056 TANE net
Length (max): 66cm
Width (max): 33cm
Mesh depth (approx): 43 cm

V9057 TANE rubber net
Length (max): 60cm
Width (max): 30cm
Mesh depth (approx): 30 cm

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