Följ oss i årets hetaste fisketävling i höst på Kanal Gratis.
Programmet kommer börja sändas 16e Oktober .

Du kan se programmen här:

Perch Pro is a new reality fishing competition very similar to the famous series Fly vs Jerk but with perch as game fish instead of pike.

Three teams will fight for three days with Sweden as battle ground and they will get one point for biggest fish and one point for most fish each day. The teams are;

CWC Fishing Team with Albin Sharghi and Stefan Trumstedt
Team Stockholms Fiske with Tom Backlund and Stefan Hermansson
Team Comstedt/ACT with Mathias Holgersson and Henrik Karlén

There will be six episodes, rolling Thursdays at 20:00 CET with premiere at October 16th.

Directed by Johan Ruhe and produced by Pontus Sjölund. All rights reserved 2014.