Dometic Kylbox Cool-Ice Ci-42 Dometic Kylbox Cool-Ice Ci-42


Dometic Kylbox Cool-Ice Ci-42

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Kylbox 43 L

Denna mycket effektiva och lätta kylbox kan hålla is fryst i flera dagar. Tack vare den tjocka skumisoleringen av kylskåpskvalitet och den unika labyrinttätningen kan du ta med dig iskalla förfriskningar vart du än beger dig.

Accessorisation and user-friendliness are at the forefront of the new Dometic Cool-Ice iceboxes' design. The new series of icebox accessories improve comfort while travelling, keep your icebox secure in a variety of locations, better organise your food and beverages and even provide somewhere to hold your drink or fishing rod! A seat cushion is available for each of the new Dometic Iceboxes, which is easy to attach and detach and provides a comfortable seat when catching fish or travelling by boat. Baskets and dividers are available to help organise the contents of your Dometic icebox; avoid contamination by placing your fishing bait in one section and your lunch in another. Finally, a series of accessories have been developed that can be fitted in to the handle of the new Dometic iceboxes. The lightweight and easy-to-install bracket can hold up to two drink holders, rod holders or bottle openers. Mix and match these excellent accessories as you see fit!

Produktens djupmått 418 mm
Produktens höjdmått 355 mm
Produktens breddmått 640 mm
Nettovikt 8.7 kg
Bruttovolym (DIN15502) 44.50 l
Förvaringsvolym – total (DIN15502) 43 l

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