Okuma Classic Linecounter XPD-20

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Okuma Classic Pro XPD line counter reels feature strike zone line counter system incorporates a mechanical counter that precisely measures line based on spool revolutions. The speed LOC pinion gear system allows positive engaging at extreme high speed

- Lightweight corrosion resistant frame and sidelates
- Machined aluminum, anodized spool
- Stainless steel reinforcing sideplate rings
- Mechanical line counter function measures in feet
- Multi-disc Carbonite drag system
- 2 Stainless steel ball bearings
- Durable machine-cut brass gearing
- Ergo Grip handle knob with anodized aluminum handle arm
- Self lubricating gear system, all models
- Stainless steel level-wind line guide system

Classic Pro XPD Linecounter reels
Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight (g) Line retrieve(cm) Max Drag Force(kg) Monofilament line capacity (diameter in mm.) Frame Sideplates Spool
Right handed Linecounter reels
XPD-20Da 5.1:1 2BB 390 58.4 6 0.35/270, 0.40/210, 0.45/150 GR GR AL

Left handed Linecounter reels
XPD-20DLXa 5.1:1 2BB 390 58.4 6 0.35/270, 0.40/210, 0.45/150 GR GR AL

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