Illex Blue Shadow S 190 Mh Vertical Haspelspö

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06692 BLUE SHADOW S 190 MH VERTICAL Base article 1181

Spinning version of the Blue Shadow 190 MH destined to become your go-to rod for vertical fishing from a boat or float tube. Tactile, sensitive and responsive. This rod will let you feel your way round any swim and read the nature of the bottom perfectly. You will pick up every knock or tap from a fish. The tip is soft enough to absorb lure movements and avoid pulling the hook on both savage bites and subtle half takes. Handles lures up to 45g anywhere from deep lakes and reservoirs to flooded rivers or fishing into gale force winds. The base of the blank has plenty of power to handle big fish of any species. Finished with the latest FUJI Japanese components. Fuji Alconite CC “K” rings to eliminate any risk of tangling on the cast and the latest TVST reel seat –a light V shaped seat for easier grip and perforated to give you direct contact with the blank for detecting the subtlest taps and knocks.. Supplied in a labelled rod bag.

Action Extra Fast
Section 1+1
Size (cm) 169.5
Lure (g) Up to 45g
Line (Lb) 10-20
Length (cm) 190
Guides (Qty) 7
Weight (g) 95

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