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Illex Nitro Off Shore S 215 Mh Haspelspö

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06506 NITRO OFF SHORE S 215 MH Base article 1172

A versatile rod for boat fishing at sea or on fresh water. Will handle sift baits and plugs and lures up to 40 g and for vertical fishing lures up to 100g- ideal for targeting cod and pollock in water 20 or 30 metres deep! Fast action blank helps cast lure of different sizes with enough nerve for clean casting and secure playing of bigger fish in sea or river currents. Finished with the latest FUJI Japanese components. Fuji Alconite “K” rings to eliminate any risk of tangling on the cast and the latest TVST reel seat – a light V shaped seat for easier grip, perforated to give you direct contact with the blank for detecting the subtlest taps and knocks. Supplied in a labelled rod bag with two counterbalance weights added to the butt. The advertised weight of the rod does not include the counterbalances.

Action:Extra Fast
Section 1+1
Size (cm) 183.5
Jig (g) 100
Lure (g) 10-40
Line (Lb) 16
Length (cm)215
Guides (Qty) 9
Weight (g) 129

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