Illex Blue Shadow B 210 Mh Cower Method Spinnspö

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06880 BLUE SHADOW B 210 MH COVER METHOD Base article 1195

A light yet powerful casting rod perfectly balanced for intensive fishing with plugs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and all soft bait tactics where precision, comfort and extra power to get fihs out ofsnaggy swims is an advantage. For example buzzing, weightless, linear or Texas rig fishing round weedbeds. The action has enough give to soak up vibration form lures coupled with power to strike sharply and steer fish away from trouble with authority. Finished with the latest FUJI Japanese fittings. Rings are FUJI CC Alconites. Supplied in a labelled rod bag.

Action Extra Fast
Section 1+1
Size (cm) 180
Lure (g) 10-40
Line (Lb) 12-25
Length (cm) 210
Guides (Qty) 9
Weight (g) 151.5

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