Illex Blue Shadow B 215 H Jungle Poacher Spinnspö

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06882 BLUE SHADOW B 215 H JUNGLE POACHER Base article 1197

The BLUE SHADOW B 215 H JUNGLE POACHER has been developed specifically for fishing jigs and Texan rigs round snaggy swims. The heavy action is very responsive so you can detect the precise nature of any swim and gives you the power to strike hard when fishing round deep water snags. The length and power in the blank let you hold and pump hooked fish away from snags before they have time to react. Strength and power yet light and sensitive. This rod is pure pleasure to fish with! Finished with the latest FUJI Japanese components. Fuji Alconite CC “K” rings to eliminate any risk of tangling on the cast. Supplied in a labelled rod bag.

Action Extra Fast
Section 1+1
Size (cm) 188.5
Lure (g) 7-30
Line (Lb) 10-20
Length (cm) 215
Guides (Qty) 10
Weight (g) 144

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