Illex Blue Shadow B 220 XH Big Bait Special Spinnspö

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The BLUE SHADOW B 220 XH BIG BAIT SPECIAL is a powerful rod developed for using with big lures- swimbaits, spinnerbiats and the biggest soft baits like the Dexter Shad. The very powerful action will handle all species and size of freshwater fish! The rings are set in a spiral to avoid any risk of braid touching the rod blank. All our testers recommend this rod for the most extreme freshwater fishing situations. Finished with the latest FUJI Japanese components. Fuji Alconite CC “K” rings to eliminate any risk of tangling on the cast. Supplied in a labelled rod bag.

Action Extra Fast
Section 1+1
Size (cm) 181
Lure (g) 30-120
Line (Lb) 16-40
Length (cm) 220
Guides (Qty) 10
Weight (g) 178.5

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