Illex Bakkan G2 Dock/Bank Bag Illex Bakkan G2 Dock/Bank Bag


Illex Bakkan G2 Dock/Bank Bag

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Bakkan G2 DOCK luggage range is a range of rigid bags made from non-rotting polyester. Totally waterproof the luggage will withstand spray and rain and can be washed repeatedly.

Vital for carrying your lure boxes, Illex safe bags and other fishing equipment on boats, canoes or quaysides. Will also protect your camera gear from spray.

Specifications: Rigid waterproof bag 100% rot-proof 35cm ruler built into the lid Adjustable shoulder strap Small external pocket with holster that can take one pair of pliers and two rod holders Comes with a small storage case Anti-skid pads on the base Dimensions: 40x26x26cm

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