Fluorocarbon Nylon Pezon & Michel Ice

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Detta är vår favorit bland flurocarbon linorna på marknaden.
Grymt slittålig och stark samt bra följsamhet.

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This new fluorocarbon (PVDF) has been added to our range quite simply because we were astonished by its qualities during field testing. A refractive index very close to that of water makes it virtually invisible. There is no risk of stretching either thanks to its total impermeability. Particularly in low diameters this gave the line considerable advantages over classic mono. This fluoro sinks three times quicker than a traditional line which is a big advantage for accurate fishing where you don't want a bow in the line near the bottom. Add to this an exceptional abrasion resistance which will stand up to the shocks and pressures of fighting big fish near snags and you have the perfect hooklength material! Supplied in 25 metre spools.

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