Lucky John Baltic

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Lucky John Baltic balanspirk

Finns att välja mellan 40 mm med vikt 10g, 50 mm med vikt 22 g, 60 mm med vikt 46 g.

Kamasan enkel krok fram och bak samt en VMC tre krok undertill.

The Lucky John Baltic is a compact, weighted jigging minnow designed to fish at depths, with or without current. Available in 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm sizes, these three models weigh 10 grams, 22 grams, and 46 grams respectively; the smaller size Baltic has been a go to perch bait for anglers worldwide, with the larger models being a particular favored lure for deep water walleyes. The Baltic is available in clear or red options for the rear tail stabilizer, and are also available in attention grabbing holographic patterns that stand out in deep or stained water. Like some of its Lucky John cousins, the Baltic is made of tough, resistant materials made to stand up to the wear and tear or predator shing. The erce “samurai” detailed nish is augmented by Japanese Kamasan hooks front and back, along with a sticky sharp beaded VMC hook on the bottom.

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